You're an Expert in Your Field. Make Sure They Know That.

Don’t let your best thoughts and ideas remain in your head. Put them to work on LinkedIn and establish yourself as one of the top minds in your industry.

More authority gained.
Less time spent.

We understand how valuable it is to get your best thoughts and ideas out there to the rest of the world.


We also understand how valuable your time is. We have a patented process for creating on-brand content in your voice, that takes less than 1 hour of your time for us to create an entire month’s worth of content. A more time-efficient way to produce content in your voice simply doesn’t exist.

More Authority

We're experts at not only writing in our client's voice, but also making them sound as authoritative as possible in front of their target audience

More Engagement

We know all the tricks of LinkedIn to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible - it's what we do best

Inbound Leads

When you're consistently posting and getting engagement, you have people coming to you wanting to know how they can work with you

Legendary Leadgen has been an integral part of our business for over 3 years now. With their program, we’ve been able to expand our client base, and keep the throttle down at all times instead of getting caught up in the work and forgetting about sales. The result has been steady growth, which has given us the opportunity to plan ahead. A great team to work with!

Paul Spinak

Co-​​​​​Founder, The Marketing Machine

LinkedIn for Thought Leaders

LinkedIn NEEDS Your Content

LinkedIn is a content-deficient platform. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, whose users are constantly posting multiple times per day, LinkedIn’s users post much less often. This means while the other social networks only show your content to your friends, LinkedIn shows it to your outer network.


Combine this increased reach with the fact that LinkedIn is the largest social media network for professionals, you’re reaching so many more of exactly the types of people who need to hear what you have to say.

If You Build It, They Will Come

The best part about becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn, is that the leads come to you, without you having to chase after them. People see your content in their newsfeed, click through to your profile and then realize you’re actually the perfect person to help them.


We view it like an SEO strategy – driving targeted traffic to an optimized landing page. Only the targeted traffic is your rapidly-growing audience and the optimized landing page is your LinkedIn profile which has been optimized for inbound traffic.

Easier Sales Process

Sales is so much easier when people come to you already knowing a whole lot more about you and your approach to things. We’ve all had that client who hired us as the expert, then refused to actually let us be the expert.

When people have been following your thoughts and ideas on LinkedIn before reaching out about working together, they have a much better understanding about how your company works and how you approach the services you provide. This means not only a more streamlined sales process, but clients who are easier to work with too.

How We Create Content in Your Voice

Just like all of our services, we start every engagement with our clients with an in-depth strategy session. We want to make 100% sure we are both on the same page, and that our proposed strategy is fully in alignment with your goals, and that we’re both headed in the same direction together.

We work together to create a master list of topics you’re an expert on, as well as the types of topics your growing audience will find engaging and want to hear more about. This is a constantly expanding list and we will continue adding to it for as long as we’re working together.


Once we have a good list of topics, we press the record button and begin interviewing you. This interview is as formal as informal as you like – just as long as you’re speaking as your true self.

We then use this recording to create your thought leader content for you. Since it will be created from a recording of you speaking, it’s easy for us to match the content to your brand and your speaking style. Our clients are consistently shocked just how close to their true voice we’re able to create content in – and just a 30 minute call is enough to create over a month’s worth of content in your voice.

We’re good at what we do, but sometimes our clients want to touch things up just a little bit before the content goes live. Sometimes people also realize they should have added an extra point to the topic they were speaking on.

Either way, we want to make sure the content we’re producing is full on-brand for you and your company and will work with you until it’s perfect. Usually thought the review process only takes about 15 minutes for the entire month’s worth of content.

Once your content goes live, our work isn’t done. We have multiple methods to ensure your content gets as much reach as LinkedIn allows on their platform. If you’ve ever tried posting on LinkedIn and saw your post fall flat, you’ll be amazed at how many people are viewing your content when we’re in charge.

With all these people in your target market viewing your content and learning more about you, the inbound leads will start flowing in like water. Then it’s just a matter of setting up a call and making more sales to your engaged audience.

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