ROI Calculator


Naturally, one of the most common questions people ask us, is what sort of ROI they can earn on our lead generation services. This depends on a lot of different factors, like how much you charge per month and your sales skills. We’ve created this calculator to help make it a bit easier to see how much you should be able to earn back on your investment.

Keep in mind, these figures are for singular months - if you’re selling a recurring service, these numbers will compound for as long as you retain them as clients.

Real World Effect

A few days ago, I shared a testimonial form one of our clients. Kiri Masters at Bobsled Marketing. In case you don’t remember, here it is again:


“Legendary Leadgen transformed my business. We tested a new client segment and were signing up new clients within two weeks! The onboarding process was smooth, and after that all I had to do was take appointments. It’s the most efficient way to source leads I’ve found.” - KIRI MASTERS - WWW.BOBSLEDMARKETING.COM

When Kiri originally started working with us, she had a small agency with a handful of clients, based around a simple idea: she know how Amazon works and how to get her clients more sales on Amazon.

We helped Kiri to identify an ideal target market of people to reach out to: companies who had recently successfully a Kickstarter campaign for a physical product.

Kiri’s thought process was that these people had just received funding for their products, but likely hadn’t planned out all of their sales channels, and would need help making sales on Amazon. Helping her case, she pitched her service as being performance-based so Bobsled would only get paid based on a percentage of sales they made.

We launched their campaign, and within about a week, Kiri was starting to get on the phone with the founders of companies who were ideal for her service offering. She set up calls with each one and walked them through her sales process. All of this resulted in several new clients for Bobsled in the first couple months of the campaigns running.

As a result, Kiri was not only able to expand out her team to accommodate for new client growth, she needed to! She was bringing on new clients and customers almost faster than she could hire people to service them - a good problem to have!

Today, Kiri doesn’t work with the same kinds of people as we originally targeted for her - she’s been able to build up the sort of leverage within her brand, to be able to market herself to a different type of client - ones with existing sales and much higher budgets. This means not only can she charge more for her services, but the level of results she can achieve for each customer is much higher too.

Kiri was able to use our lead generation services to go from a small agency with big ideas, to a large agency that works with the type of client she couldn’t have imagined working with when we first started together.

While we of course do take credit for putting Kiri in touch with the leads that helped her grow her business, Kiri brought a lot to the table as well. She knew what her and her team were good at, and how to get results for their clients. They weren’t’ afraid to back up those results with a performance guarantee. They also made a very solid choice for a target market they could go after - one the truly NEEDED their services, and for whom their service offering was a no-brainer to utilize.

Kiri’s story is just one example of the clients we’ve worked with in a similar fashion over the years.

If you’d like to see your business get that push forward it needs like Kiri was able to achieve with us, let’s set up another call and figure out what the right strategy is for you grow your business exponentially too.

Look forward to talking again,

Dana Lindahl

Founder - Legendary Leadgen