LinkedIn Resources

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to get started with running your own campaigns on LinkedIn. We will deep dive on each individual topic below, but I wanted to give a basic overview on how campaigns on LinkedIn work here, so it’s always available when you return to this page.

The first thing you’ll need to remember about LinkedIn is that a Sales Navigator account is required for these methods to work. Sales Navigator costs $79.99 per month and the first month is free.

We have two main methods in which we generate leads on LinkedIn. The first starts with a connection request that leads into a drip campaign. We’ve created this infographic below to give you a better idea of how this works.

Our second method is based around sending free InMails to LinkedIn users. Any LinkedIn user who has a premium account (such as Sales Navigator) and has set their account to “Open Profile” can be contacted without spending an InMail credit. We recommend splitting the lists you’ll create into people who can receive a free InMail and those who can’t. You’ll then send InMails to people who it doesn’t cost a credit to send to. All the rest, will be contacted using the first method that starts out with the connection request.

Now, let’s dig in and get you started on learning how to run dynamite campaigns on LinkedIn.


Your profile is one of the first things people will use to learn a bit more about you before they decide to become a lead. Having your profile optimized for your desired outcome will go a long way towards your success.


A lot of the success of your campaign will be determined by whether or not you’re going after the right type of prospect for you. Learn how to save yourself lots of headaches by targeting the right people from the beginning.


Targeting is without a doubt the most important elements of your campaigns. If you’ve identified your targets properly, then being able to set your filters to actually find these people on LinkedIn is the biggest piece that will make or break your campaign


While getting in touch with people is the most important part, saying the right things to these people comes in a very close second. Most people focus on all the wrong things when writing their templates. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes here.


Campaigns on LinkedIn are very rarely “set it and forget it”. Sooner or later the time will come to make changes to your campaign when results start to dip. In this section we’ll go over all the common factors that affect campaign performance and how to adjust them accordingly.


Someone replying back with interest in your outbound messaging doesn’t mean you’ve won the sale yet. There’s lots of things that still need to happen before they buy from you, but following these steps will help to make the possibility of them buying from you much higher.