Before we start…


We’re excited to get your campaign off the ground and start putting you in touch with your ideal clients! On this page we put together a few basic pieces of information before we have our onboarding call - we’ll clear up anything that remains unclear in our call!

How the campaign works

We run the LinkedIn campaigns in two separate series of messages: Connections and InMails. In order to give our campaigns a higher chance of success and make our prospects feel somewhat connected with you, we only target your 2nd degree network for both of these outreach funnels.

Here’s how our two outreaches work:

Connections are a type of outreach that has us send a series of messages on your behalf with the goal of getting prospects both interested in what you’re selling, and willing to get out of the casual chat on LinkedIn and into your sales funnel. Here are the messages we send here:

  1. Connection request - we identify people that are in your target audience and reach out with them with a generic, but personalized connection request message.

  2. Thanks for connecting! - 1-2 days after connecting, the prospect receives a “Thanks for connecting!” message. This is designed to build a rapport with the prospect and keep you within their line of sight. We rarely have a strong call to action at this stage, but we do make it clear who you are, what you do and what you’re selling.

  3. 7-day follow-up - this is where our strongest call to action comes. 7 days after the prospect accepted your connection request, they’ll receive another message where we drive the point home and put our strongest pitch forward.

  4. 14-day follow-up - we like to wrap things up with a final message to your newly added connections, restating your invitation to get on a call in a soft way that opens them up to a conversation at any point later on.

Combined, these messages have a high likelihood of turning a stranger into a future client - with each company and campaign being different, we’re open to adjusting this process to your needs!

InMails are a type of email that’s sent to certain prospects on LinkedIn. There is usually a fixed number of these messages you can send; however, if the person has an Open Profile on LinkedIn and a Premium account, you can send an InMail for free without it counting against your quota. Not a lot of people know this, so InMails have a certain weight to them, which makes people receptive to our messaging. We only send one InMail to a prospect, instead of a series of messages, so our call to action is stronger here.

Next steps before the campaign starts

In our onboarding call we’re going to cover three major aspects of the campaign:

  1. Technical details - whose account are we going to use? When are we going to run our process?

  2. Offer details - what do you want to promote through our campaign?

  3. Target details - who do you want us to reach out to on your behalf?

The only thing we recommend you prepare before our onboarding call is to change the LinkedIn password of the account you want us to use. Apart from that, we’re going to guide you through everything that we need to iron out.

Looking forward to our call! :)