Your Audience is Listening. Are You Speaking to Them?

Guest appearing on podcasts is one of the best and easiest ways to grow your influence and authority. All you need to do is show up and talk like the expert you are.

Why should YOU become a guest on podcasts?

Simply put, people who listen to podcasts are high-achieving and high net worth individuals. They listen to podcasts because they want to learn and grow – just like your best clients.

In the online world where we’re all fighting for just a few seconds of attention from our best prospects, having uninterrupted time in the earbuds of your target market is invaluable. There’s no better way to build your authority in the eyes (and ears!) of your future customers.

Booking podcast appearances with Legendary Leadgen was a great experience – it’s not often I can say that a company truly over-delivered on their promises. They got me in touch with some really high profile hosts and got me on some great podcasts. Highly recommended!”

Neel Parekh

Founder, MaidThis

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Benefits of Appearing on Podcasts

Increase Your Authority

Being interviewed on a top podcast is an instant credibility boost. Your prospects will see you don’t just talk the talk, but you also walk the walk and aren’t afraid to share what you know.

Studies have shown that prospects in the B2B world are 134% more likely to accept a discovery or sales call with someone whose name they recognize. Appearing on podcasts your target market is already listening to is one of the easiest ways to do that.

​Pro tip: Next time a prospect asks you a question, don’t just answer it outright. Send them a link to a podcast episode where you spoke on that topic. Instant, massive boost to your credibility.

Make More Sales

When you appear on top podcasts in your industry, you have up to an hour of uninterrupted time directly in your target market’s ears. What an incredible opportunity to establish yourself as the expert they need in their lives?

Even better, most hosts will outright ask you at the end of the episode how their audience can get in touch with you. Life is so much easier when your best prospects are chasing you down to work with you, instead of the other way around.

Increase Traffic

People who listen to podcasts regularly are resourceful. They’ll often put in the leg work to track you down after the episode goes live, to learn more about you. More attention and traffic from your target market can only lead to one thing – more leads and sales.

One other benefit – most shows will provide a backlink to your site from their own domain when the episode goes live. These links add up and make your site easier to find in search engines, resulting in an uptick in organic traffic to your brand.

How We Do It

We begin every single client engagement with an in-depth strategy session, where we break down all of their goals and create a roadmap for getting them there.

Each one of our clients is different and they all have different goals and different audiences. We go to great lengths to ensure that our strategy is aligned with their end goal before we get started doing anything at all.

During this strategy session, we’ll also be collecting all the info we need from you to create a beautiful media kit, that puts you in the best light to hosts when we reach out.

After we’ve finished our strategy session, our team gets started right away on building out a list of podcasts that your audience is listening to and are hosted by respected industry experts.

While we’re great at interpreting our client’s goals and turning them into an actionable strategy, we understand there’s often nuance involved in selecting the absolute best shows to help you reach your goals.

That’s why before we launch our campaigns, we share a sample list with you to ensure our strategy in practice aligns with your strategy in theory. We take your feedback to continuously improve our targeting to the best shows available.

This is where the magic happens – when we start getting in touch with top podcast hosts, to secure placement on their shows. We NEVER employ spammy practices in our outreach to hosts, or use basic templates like “Your show looks great, are you accepting guests?”. Working with us, you never need to worry about your reputation in the eyes of the hosts.

Every single email we send is hand-written, personalized, and makes it clear that we’re actually familiar with their show and specific episodes they’ve produced. Even further, we make a compelling pitch for why you’d make for a great guest and can help produce a show their audience will love.

Just because we’ve placed you on a great podcast doesn’t mean our work is done! We’re always available to help you prepare for your appearance, select the right equipment and test your audio and think of talking points for your appearance.

After the show is recorded, we can help you track and monitor all your appearances when they go live and then to make the most of your appearances once they are live. Whether you just want our advice to promote your episodes or just want us to do it all for you, we’re here to help.

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