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Your best prospects are all on LinkedIn. We help you start meaningful conversations with decision makers in your target market

Don’t spam your prospects. Connect with them the Legendary way

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you’ve likely been the victim of persistent and annoying LinkedIn spam. Nobody likes that.

Our way is different. We help you reach out with value, grow your network and build meaningful relationships with your new connections. If you’re looking for someone to help you send your calendly link to everyone who accepts your connection request – we’re not the company you’re looking for.

In less than a week of launching campaigns, Legendary Leadgen found interested prospects who wanted to learn more about how I can help them. My life is so much easier working with a team of professionals generating leads for me daily.

Damian Thompson

Founder, Salesability

Get More Leads

With our thoughtful and personalized approach, you’ll be having way more conversations with people who actually want to speak with you

No Automation. Ever

Besides putting your account at risk, it’s impossible to run a thoughtful campaign with automation. All our work on LinkedIn is 100% manual.

Sales Support

Just because someone responded doesn’t mean our work is done. We’re here to help until you close the sale.

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Why We’re Different

Hand-Curated at Scale

Most LinkedIn leadgen companies are only willing to target your leads by setting filters in Sales Navigator and sending out generic messages to everyone on the list. That’s NOT good enough! 

Everything we do, from lead selection to message sending is done manually by our team. That means we evaluate every contact to ensure they are a 100% fit before sending them anything. We also do all messaging manually, so every message is actually meant for your prospects instead of just being another step in an automation sequence.

Thoughtful and Personalized

Ever received a message on LinkedIn that you could just tell the person blasted out to everyone, without caring if it was relevant or not? It likely happens to you every day.

​To be blunt – we HATE that approach and believe it’s ruining LinkedIn as a platform. We refuse to run the types of campaigns that will only annoy your customers. Every single message we send out is thoughtful and personalized. The most common response we receive to our messages is “I don’t normally respond to these kind of messages, but yours really stood out.” We never get tired of seeing that.

Partner, Not Provider

We’re not just the company who provides you lead generation services – we’re your dedicated lead generation partner.  

Since we don’t rely on automations, every single touch point we make, we ask ourselves “will this drive our partner’s business forward?”. Everything we do is a judgement call of acting in your best interest. Our management team is also available for calls to go over anything related to your account – whenever you feel like you need to talk to someone about your campaigns.

How We Create Content in Your Voice

We begin every single client engagement with an in-depth strategy session, where we break down all of their goals and create a roadmap for getting them there.

​Each one of our clients is different and they all have different goals and different audiences. We go to great lengths to ensure that our strategy is aligned with their end goal before we get started doing anything at all.

By the end of this session, we’ll have a deep understanding of your services, your target market and how they relate to one another. We’ll also have everything we need to start building your outreach list and craft your messaging templates. 

Within a couple days of finishing our strategy session, our team will provide you with a sample list of prospects we’ve built by hand, as well as the first draft of your messaging template. These are both a work in progress until you’re 100% satisfied our approach will bring you closer to your goals.

Sometimes our clients are fully happy with everything as-is when they receive it. Other times, they have lots of edits and clarifications to make. Both are perfectly fine with us! Your feedback is the number 1 thing that helps us bring you closer to your goals.

This is what you’ve been waiting for. We start sending out connection requests to prospects in your target market and following up with thoughtful, personalized messages. Whenever there is an interested response, we add it directly to your CRM for you. If you don’t have a CRM, use ours at no extra cost!

​LinkedIn can definitely get messy once you see the sort of volume going out and the interested replies from prospects coming in. We have a robust system built out to help you manage these conversations, so you never let a deal slip through the cracks.

Just because your CRM is now full of a whole bunch of hot new leads, doesn’t mean our work is done. We support our clients right up to the finish line with their deals.


We can’t get on the phone and help you actually close the sale – but we can help you adjust your current sales process to match the style that works best for leads generated on LinkedIn. We set up monthly calls with our partners to go over their CRM and lead list, and help them construct the best strategies for closing each sale.

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