Lead gen leaders

Spend less time prospecting

and more time selling!


Master Lead Generation

If you run a marketing agency or B2B service company, you know the importance of always having a full sales pipeline. Unfortunately, most companies admit their own sales process is the first thing to get ignored when they get busy, and they stop prospecting for new clients. We work with our clients to ensure that they always have a constant flow of interested new prospects, so they only spend their time talking to people who want their services.


Act fast

Over 2/3 of our clients have needed to expand either their sales or fulfillment teams after working with us, to handle the increased customer flow.



Having us do the prospecting gives your salespeople more time to sell your services to people who are already interested


Get ahead

Waiting on referrals is no way to grow an agency – having new ideal prospects to speak to on a daily basis is

We can help with

The standard package of services that most marketing teams need

Laser-Targeted Prospecting

Prospecting is the most time-consuming part of a salesperson’s job and their least favorite too. Our team focuses in on your ideal target market, and does all the heavy lifting to get them to the point of wanting to speak with you.

Custom Messaging

Our team of professional copywriters are in charge of creating your customized outreach scripts, based on strategies we’ve proven to be effective. Of course, we never send out any messages without them first being approved by your team.

Lead Management

So many leads and not enough time to sort through them all. Our team helps to keep things organized by adding all your leads from our campaign into your included CRM, and can also help to set reminders so you never forget to follow up with your hottest leads.


Extended service packages

Every company is different and we are flexible to fit your needs


Sometimes, prospects need an extra incentive. Let us act like an extension of your sales team and get them on board!

Content Management

As our campaigns run, your network grows. Let us focus on your content strategy to establish your voice as an industry leader.

Drip Campaigns

Sometimes, prospects are interested but not ready to pull the trigger. Put them through a drip campaign to maintain their interest!

Laserlike Targeting

We identify key people in key companies that would make your very best partners, and reach out with highly personalized messages.


During our 4+ year experience, we’ve successfully worked with dozens of clients. Most are awesome, and here’s what they say about us:


“One hell of an ROI”

“20 booked appointments, 2 to 4 sales per month, all in the $3000/mo range for a 12 month engagement. That’s one hell of an ROI.” - ROBYN TIPPINS - WWW.MARIPOSAAGENCY.COM


“Legendary Leadgen transformed my business”

We tested a new client segment and were signing up new clients within two weeks! The onboarding process was smooth, and after that all I had to do was take appointments. It’s the most efficient way to source leads I’ve found.” - KIRI MASTERS - WWW.BOBSLEDMARKETING.COM