The LLG Dashboard


A short intro into LLG’s Airtable dashboard.

We used months of feedback to find the perfect method to deliver leads, and after trying several of the most popular CRMs we decided to build our own dashboard - so here it is!

Our Airtable dashboard has three main components: the lead database, the weekly report and the Blocks. Here’s what you need to know about each:

The lead database

The lead database is the place where you can see all the leads, just like in a spreadsheet. The main tab is Leads, containing these fields:

  • Name - the prospect’s name

  • Client Feedback - your feedback on each of the leads we added for you. Anything that you’d like us to know about that particular prospect.

  • Lead Status - this is where you can track your progress with each lead. By default, the options for a lead’s status are Uncontacted, Scheduled Call, Added in sales funnel, and Not pursuing.

  • Prospect Type - a Lead (someone in your target who responds back with obvious expressed interest) or an Opportunity (not a lead, but someone we thought you would still be interested in).

  • Date added - the date when we added the lead.

  • Inbox Location - where in your LinkedIn account this lead is located: either your LinkedIn inbox or the Sales Navigator inbox.

  • Prospect Reply - we add their initial reply here.

  • Company Name - their place of employment.

  • Position - the prospect’s position within the company.

  • LinkedIn URL - the URL of their personal LinkedIn account.

  • Company Website - their company’s homepage.

  • Email- the prospect’s email address.

  • Other contact information - if available, we try to find other contact information here.

The report

The other tab we included here is Report, where you can find the basic metrics for the latest weeks of your campaign’s progress:

  • Week Starting - the Monday of the week we’re referring to.

  • Connection count - the total number of connections in your LinkedIn account at the beginning of the week we’re referring to.

  • Total Leads - the number of leads we delivered in that week.

  • Total Opportunities - the number of opportunities we delivered in that week.

Other metrics - blocks

Clicking on Blocks will open up a series of other metrics that would make it helpful for you to track the progress of your campaign:

  • A quick link to schedule a call with Andrew to discuss general feedback and any and all campaign issues.

  • A summary of all the prospects we delivered

  • A chart showing what percentage of those prospects are leads, and how many are opportunities

  • A summary of the leads and opportunities delivered in the past weeks.

  • A graph showing how your connection count increased over time.

  • Anything you want to see at a glance! Just let us know, we’ll get it added

Want to see these in action? Here’s a handy table you can use as an example: