Your campaign’s first steps


we’re just a few steps away from launching a successful campaign

Since we started running these campaigns, the experience we gained, along with the feedback we received from clients across a wide segment of industries, allowed us to build a solid process that delivers great results.

With all the details ironed out, it should just be a matter of time before we launch your campaign. We know there are a lot of questions that you have at this stage, so we want to quickly run through a typical scenario of how the first steps will look like:.

The first week

We run our process (described here) every Monday through Thursday. On Fridays we don’t send out any new connection requests, but we do send all of the follow-up messages.

Our strongest messages are these follow-ups, so the first week is the ramping up period. While we do have results here, the best result of the first week of running the campaign is that we lay the groundwork for what’s to come: we expand your network in the industry that we’re targeting and we enlarge your 2nd degree network with relevant connections.

The second week

This is when the first 7-day follow-up messages start going out, and when our campaign really takes off. While you can see your campaign progress in the Airtable Dashboard we share with you, Andrew will get in touch each Monday and give you a quick rundown on what happened in your campaign in the previous week, and also take a chance to schedule a call for feedback.

We cannot stress this enough: your feedback is important. While we’re confident in the process we’ve set up, nobody knows your company better than you! So while in the second week we start delivering more leads to you, we don’t only care about the quantity, and rely on your feedback to make sure our targeting and messaging are delivering the best results for you.

The first month

A crucial aspect of our work is A/B testing. Cold outreach is by definition a numbers game, so we stay ahead by analyzing all the metrics we have at our disposal, and making incremental changes to achieve the best possible results.

In the vast majority of our campaigns, by the end of our first month we’ve zeroed in on your best performing target audience and perfected our messaging to appeal to most prospects. Again, your feedback is crucial in us targeting your clients with the best possible pitch.

From here on in, it’s smooth sailing! :)