What is and what isn’t a lead?

We at Legendary Leadgen (obviously) work in lead generation. One of the most important aspects we go over with our clients and partners is defining what a lead is. For us, if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a hassle. A great deal of our clients have worked with lead

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The best ways to take a warm lead through your sales process

Our best performing campaigns have always been the ones where our role and the role of our partners has been clearly defined, so one of the most important steps in our onboarding process is to define where our role as lead generators ends and where the sales process begins. Lead

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Why LinkedIn is the best medium for a great intro

When we shifted our focus towards LinkedIn we brought with us years worth of experience doing cold outreach campaigns, mainly on email, as well as insights into how LinkedIn works as a place where people meet and interact. While we could have predicted some things and expected others, there were

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