About Legendary Leadgen

Dana Lindahl - Founder

Hi! I’m Dana Lindahl, founder of Legendary Leadgen. I was grew up in the small state of New Hampshire, but have traveled to over 45 countries and counting. 

I started Legendary Leadgen in 2014 to help B2B companies make more sales and reduce the amount of time they spend trying to get in front of their target market.

Keep reading below to learn more about the things we believe in as a company as well as our most popular content about B2B lead generation.

Read my book on Amazon – LinkedIn Sales Success: B2B Lead Generation and Sales on the World’s Largest Professional Network

​​Connect with me on LinkedIn – ​My LinkedIn profile – I post often about industry trends here

​My LinkedIn predictions for 2020 – ​Article – The Many Ways B2B Companies Can Leverage LinkedIn in 2020​​

Trends in Outbound end of 2019 – ​Article – State of Outbound Lead Generation 2019​​

I of course couldn’t do it all by myself though. Meet my incredible team who are responsible for helping me execute on our client strategies, manage our team of contractors and keep things running like a well-oiled machine.

Calin Frunza - Head of Operations

Calin is the Head of Operations and  supervises the use of several digital tools to keep the process of getting you in touch with your ideal clients running smoothly. Metal music and SF books keep him company when he isn’t oiling the cogs in the Legendary lead generation machine.