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Where will your next sale come from?

Most agency owners don't know. They know they need more sales - they need new customers. But they wait - they wait for customers to contact them. They wait for people to send them referrals. They wait to scale their agency.

When you need to hit your sales numbers, you can’t wait for sales to happen. You need to make them happen. There just never seems to be enough time to prospect for new clients - so your vicious cycle continues - but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Our Solution

We've spent the past 5 years helping B2B marketing agencies break out of the feast and famine cycle. We've created a patented process that takes them from not knowing where their next sales are coming from to being able to make sales forecasts months in advance.

Here's how we can help you throughout the lead generation process:


Strategy Session

The first step in running your campaigns is a meeting where we become acquainted with the service that you offer and whats sets you apart from other similar companies. We work out an approach for your campaign, and identify your ideal target market so that we’ll deliver the best possible results.


Create Unique Messaging

Using our experience in running LinkedIn campaigns we will craft a messaging that manages to build a rapport with the prospects we reach out to on your behalf, making them more likely to reply back positively and turn them into leads.


Weekly Check-In Calls

Our LinkedIn campaigns are a two-way street and our most successful campaigns belong to our most dedicated clients. We believe that weekly check-in calls are the perfect way to get feedback on the leads that we deliver and steer the campaign to ensure that we deliver the best results for you.


Track leads in a CRM

Even though LinkedIn is a social platform first and foremost, its messaging system is lacking in many ways. We deliver all leads in a custom-built CRM that’s customizable to fit your needs, and we update conversations there to make sure nothing slips past you.


Periodic Support/Training Calls

Keep your campaigns fresh and highly optimised at all times. If you get stuck converting leads we’re available for periodic support/training calls where we walk you through common solutions to your problems.



Here’s what some of our clients had to say about working with Legendary Leadgen:


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