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Making sales doesn’t need to be so hard. We help companies become industry thought leaders, set more sales appointments and close more deals.

Legendary Leadgen has been an integral part of our business for over 3 years now. With their program, we’ve been able to expand our client base, and keep the throttle down at all times instead of getting caught up in the work and forgetting about sales. The result has been steady growth, which has given us the opportunity to plan ahead. A great team to work with!

Paul Spinak

Co-​​​​​Founder, The Marketing Machine

Services That Help Companies Grow

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Podcast Guest Bookings

Podcasting is all the rage right now, and there’s no better way to get your message out to an engaged audience.


We book our clients onto top podcasts, and help them squeeze every last bit of engagement and authority out of their appearances. Just show up and talk about topics you’re already an expert in, and watch your authority grow.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

You’ve probably heard LinkedIn is a great place for B2B leads. You’ve probably also been spammed to death on LinkedIn and don’t want to do the same to your best prospects.


We’re with you – spamming your prospects never works. We take a thoughtful, personalized and value-first approach to outreach on LinkedIn. When your prospects tell you “I don’t normally respond to these messages, but yours stood out.” you know you’re doing something right.

Become a Thought Leader

Have a lot of incredible ideas you want to share with the world, but no time to get them out there?


​Our team interviews you every month to get your best thoughts straight from the source – and then we turn your thoughts into written content in your own words. We then distribute this content across your social media, all while driving extra engagement for maximum exposure.

Cold Email

Running a great cold email campaign is an art form – and most companies doing it are trying to create art with a crayon.


Cold email is far from dead, but it needs to be done RIGHT. We help our customers run the types of campaigns that not only win them more sales – but have their prospects actually thanking them for reaching out.


In less than a week of launching campaigns, Legendary Leadgen found interested prospects who wanted to learn more about how I can help them. My life is so much easier working with a team of professionals generating leads for me daily.

Damian Thompson

Founder, Salesability

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